PGAI Cyber Liability Insurance keeps your business assets safe from cyber risks

Conducting business in a digital world exposes companies to online risks wherein victims fall prey to data theft, malware, and denial-of-service attacks. All these result to server shutdowns and reputational damage, costing the victims millions.

Prudential Guarantee’s Cyber Liability Insurance help clients preserve their interests against cyber crime-related incidents. Should a business be affected by such risk any form, Cyber Liability Insurance would cover first and third-party liabilities.

First-party coverage handles business interruption loss and restoration costs, hacker theft, and cyber extortion, while third-party coverage includes privacy and data breaches, network security claims, media liability claims, regulatory costs and fines, and e-payment or contractual penalties. In essence, Cyber Liability Insurance pays damages, defense costs, restoration costs, fines and penalties, business interruption losses, and IT theft losses.

In the face of looming threat as cyber crime, protect your business and stay financially healthy with the aid of Prudential Guarantee’s Cyber Liability Insurance.

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