Engineering Insurance Claim



1. Contractors All Risk

  1. Duly accomplished Sworn Statement of Claim (to be supplied by adjuster)
  2. Duly accomplished Non-Waiver Agreement (to be supplied by adjuster)
  3. Incident Report
  4. Weather and rainfall report from the nearest weather station officially issued by the PAGASA (if applicable/required)
  5. Copy of Contract Agreement with Bid Estimates
  6. Copy of Notice of Award
  7. Copy of Notice of Commence
  8. Copies of Business Registration, permit, etc.
  9. Survey of damages based on standard engineering practices (Plans, survey data, PERT CPM, etc.)
  10. Projected Cash Flow of the project
  11. Detailed computation of loss and damages in order to bring back the damaged portions to its original condition before the loss
  12. Certified copies of recent and previous monthly accomplishment/progress report including its back up computation
  13. Certified copies of recent and previous billing reports
  14. Documents in support to the actual cost of repair/replacement of the affected properties such as invoices, receipts, etc.
  15. Clear and properly annotated panoramic pictures immediately taken after the loss

2. Damaged POS Machine

  1. Incident Report
  2. Repair Estimates and/or Quotation
  3. Pictures
  4. IBM Technical Report