Marine Insurance Claim


For us to evaluate your claim and determine Insurer’s liability, if any, under the policy,  the following information/documents are needed:

  1. Formal Claim vs. Insurer showing computation of loss.
  2. Acknowledged Copy of Formal Claim vs. Shipping Co./Airline Co.
  3. Reply of Shipping Co./Airline Co.
  4. Acknowledged copy of formal Claim vs. Arrastre Contractor
  5. Reply of Arrastre Contractor
  6. Duplicate copy of Delivery Receipt of a Customs Broker/Trucking Co.
  7. Reply of Lighterage/Customs Broker/Trucking Co.
  8. Original Marine Cargo Policy/Risk Note
  9. Original Bill of Lading/Master Air Waybill
  10. Original Packing List
  11. Original Commercial Invoice
  12. Bad Order Certificate
  13. Master’s Marine Protest
  14. Chemical Analysis Report
  15. Any other documents which you feel can have any help in evaluating your claim.

The company reserves the right to require such additional proof as it may be considered necessary to support the claim.