Personal Accident Insurance Claim


  1. Acquire an Accident Insurance Claim Report. You may download one here. (File Specs: PDF file, 88 kb)
  2. Accomplish Accident Claim Report
  3. Attach necessary documents (see checklist below)
  4. Forward the accomplished accident claim report form together with all the necessary documents

Please submit the following documents in case of:


1.Death Claim

  1. Police Investigation Report or Statement of Witness/es (if not available, Affidavit or Incident Report).
  2. Newspaper Clippings, if any
  3. Attending Physician’s Medical Certificate
  4. Birth Certificate
  5. Death Certificate (Certified True Copy)
  6. Autopsy Report
  7. Marriage Contract
  8. Burial Receipts
  9. Pictures, if any
  10. Others (upon request of Claims Department)

2. Medical Reimbursement for Bodily Injuries or Disability Claim

  1. Police Investigation Report or Statement of Witness/es
  2. Attending Physician’s Medical Certificate
  3. Doctor’s Prescription
  4. Hospital Statement of Account
  5. Medical Bills and Receipts (original)
  6. Others (upon request of Claims Department)

The Company reserves the right to request for additional documents as the need arises. Also, this communication should not be construed as an admission of the Company’s liability nor waiver of its rights and privileges under the said policy.