Aviation Insurance

Trust Prudential Guarantee to secure your investment in this industry. Whether it is for your aircraft and equipment, your cargo and passengers, or your employees and suppliers, we got them covered with a wide array of insurance coverages. On the ground or in the sky, Prudential Guarantee is there to secure your business.

Aviation Insurance indemnifies the assured, subject to the limits of the contract, for physical loss or damage to an aircraft and/or its engines and accessories. It may also cover for the liability arising from death or injury to the passenger and/or damage to cargo, mail and/or baggage on board an aircraft. Such coverages include Third Party Bodily Injury and property damage arising from physical contact of falling objects.

There are several lines and products under the Aviation Insurance:

1. Aviation Hull Insurance

Commercial transport aircraft, company executive aircraft, helicopters, satellites and its ground equipment may be insured under this line. Standard coverage, extensions and products:

  1. Owners’ and Operators’ Hull All Risks
  2. War and Detainment Risks
  3. Manufacturers’ and Dealers’ Blanket Hull Policies
  4. Expenses and Loss of Business after Damage to Aircraft (loss of use)
  5. Additional Costs of Replacing Lost Aircraft (total loss only)
  6. Vendor’s and Lien Holders’ Interests in Aircraft
  7. Hull Deductible Insurance

2. Aviation Liability Insurance

Standard coverage, extensions and products:

  1. Aircraft Operators’ Liability
  2. Death or Injury to persons and damage to property on the ground or in other aircraft caused by physical impact or articles dropping from aircraft
  3. Death or Injury to Passengers
  4. Loss or Damage to Passengers’ Baggage
  5. Loss or Damage to Cargo
  6. Ground Equipment Liability

Other Liabilities:

  • Manufacturers’ Products Liability (including liability for grounding of similar aircraft after an accident)
  • Fuel Suppliers’ Accident and Products Liability
  • Airport Operators’ Liability, including Air Traffic Control
  • Hangar Keepers’ Liability

3. Aviation Personal Accident Insurance

Standard coverage, extensions and products:

  1. Passenger Accident Insurance on Automatic (seating) Basis
  2. Aircrew Personal Accident Insurance
  3. Aircrew Loss of License through Accident or Sickness

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