PGAI settles claim for Sacred Heart College, brings hope after fire loss

Prudential Guarantee and Assurance, Inc. (PGAI) settles insurance claim amounting to P28,012,655.78 to the Sacred Heart College
Lucena, one of the oldest school in Quezon Province, after a fire razed majority of the buildings in the campus this year. The said insurance claim will help the Daughters of Charity facilitate the reconstruction of affected facilities and buildings.

The check was handed over to the Sisters of the Daughters of Charity at the head office of Prudential Guarantee. Shown above (from left to right), Mr. Samuel G. Coyiuto, PGAI Executive Vice President, Sister Leticia Derilo from the Sacred Heart College-Lucena, Atty. Ceferino A. Patiño, President of PLPI Insurance Brokers, Sister Josefina R. Quaichon, President of Sacred Heart College Lucena, and Mr. James G. Coyiuto, PGAI Deputy Chairman and Treasurer.


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