Safeguard your home with Prudential Guarantee’s Home Guard

Owning or purchasing your own house is usually considered the most solid first step of establishing a long-term life plan. Every other step-a family, a new business-naturally follows suit. However, a home can only be as permanent as its physical structure. Without constant restructuring and maintenance, no house lasts as long as the concept desired by its owner, and with the plight of natural disasters, household accidents, and criminal activity looming in the background of every neighborhood or district is bound to be less than temporary.

Luckily, Prudential Guarantee offers household protection through Home Guard, a home insurance program that covers damage on a property’s building,\ leasehold improvements, furniture, fixtures, fittings, and other household contents. Perils covered under material damage on the property include acts of nature, from earthquakes and eruptions to typhoons and tornadoes, and malicious damages from riots, strikes, and vandalism.

In addition, Home Guard extends its cover to personal liabilities related to household accidents, death, or permanent disablement of the insured, family members, and household employees, including hospital assistance and medical reimbursements. The program also compensates any damage or robbery caused on household contents such as electronic equipment, decorative items, and personal effects. PGAI’s Home Guard is guaranteed to safeguard every facet of your property, whether internal or external, so that you can live comfortably in the face of heavy potential losses. With Prudential Guarantee’s property insurance plan, you can preserve long-lasting memories as well as long-term plans in the home of your choosing.

For insurance inquiries, please call our Property Team at (02) 878-3000 / 651-9500 local 5559 / (0917) 517-8420.


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