Frequently Asked Questions in This Time of Enhanced Community Quarantine PART3

This is Part 3 and the last in the series of FAQ posts. Part 1 tackled which PGAI branches are open; steps to take when making a claim; and the availability of an emergency roadside assistance service. Part 2 touched on the Cover Note of Policy and payment of fees. In case you missed these posts, please click on this link to see Part 1 and this link to see Part 2    

6)  How can I renew my Fire and Motor Insurance policies?

We follow the guidelines issued by the Insurance Commission on March 25, 2020, which states that policies expiring within the Expanded Community Quarantine period will have their expiry dates extended for at least 30 days provided there is a written request from the policy holder or an authorized representative.  The extension adheres to the same terms and conditions stated in the current contract, but only if there is no loss claimed within the policy period.  Otherwise, the terms and conditions have to be agreed upon.

To request for this extension, please get in touch with your account executive or agent/broker.   

7) What can I do about my post-dated cheques?

We understand it is difficult to fund cheques now that banks are on skeletal force. PGAI policyholders whose premiums are due within the quarantine period are granted a 60-day extension. But policies under a staggered payment plan whose fees are due after the quarantine period would have to honor the original payment deadline.

8) I want to cancel my travel plans. How can I cancel the insurance that goes with it?  

The PGAI Travel Shield Insurance is a non-cancellable and non-refundable policy. But we can make endorsements to your policy in case there are changes in your travel plans. For more details on this matter, please visit or you may email  

9) How can I avail of the medical cash assistance?

For Personal Accident Policyholders with Daily Hospital Income due to Sickness, you are entitled to an allowance based on the number of days of confinement stated on the policy schedule.  

For Travel Shield Policyholders on the other hand, those who contracted an illness while traveling in the Philippines or abroad are entitled to medical expenses as defined on your policy contract.

You may inquire about your potential benefits by calling (0999) 221 1727 and (0999) 221 4727 or by emailing for Personal Accident and for Travel.

As your trusted insurance provider, we will assist you as far as our work-from-home protocols will allow us. Should you have any more concerns not addressed by the FAQ series, please call 0917 842-7424 or e-mail

Thank you. 


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