Personal Accident Insurance

Prudential Guarantee understands the importance of the family. It is the reason why we have designed our Personal Accident Programs to protect your loved ones with the same care and importance you give them.

Personal Accident Insurance gives monetary compensation for the death, disablement or loss of income of the insured individual due to an accident. It is a protection plan for you and your family should the unexpected happen.

Medical reimbursements for the expenses incurred in the treatment of injuries and compensation for the permanent total dismemberment and loss of sight, speech, and hearing are some of the benefits the insured and the beneficiaries may avail under the Personal Accident Insurance.

Any person between the ages of 18 to 65 years old is qualified to enroll under this insurance program.

Aside from loss of life or injuries as a result of an accident, insurance coverage may be extended to include the following:

  • Murder and Assault
  • Burial Expense
  • Accident Weekly Income
  • Daily Hospital Income
  • Travel Emergency and Medical Assistance
  • Motorcycling Coverage
  • Double Indemnity for Common Carrier

Prudential Guarantee offers Personal Accident Insurance products designed for individual and group accounts:


  1. Individual Accident Plan
  2. Hospital Expense Protector
  3. Keyman Accident Protector
  4. Family Accident Protector
  5. Auto Passenger Accident Protector
  6. Travel Insurance

2. Group

  1. Group Personal Accident Plan
  2. Corporate Business Travel Plan
  3. Students’ Personal Accident Plan
  4. Affinity / Cooperative / Associations Group Plans

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